• Easy CNC control to realise 2 to 6-axes linkage motion
    Perform vertical and bevel cutting on tube with size ranging from 20mm to 1000mm
    Make the best investment in your workshop, get your perfect parts quality with our TubeGiant 5-axis.

  • Dezhou sean CNC equipment co.,ltd

    CutMasterII-CNC gantry cutting machine
    Fit your cutting needs with multiple plasma and flame processes
    Straight or bevel cut,make our machine your personal cut master

  • CNC plasma cutting tables-SuperFast                        
    PRECISE CUTTING                        
    Robust mechanical design                        
    Accurate linear motion                        
    You get masterpiece to sell in you market with competitive advantages we provide.

  • Excellent cut,bulit to your imagination


    Seanior air plasma cutters can cut up to 40mm steel material. 

    Improve your efficiency and cut something great with our plasma cutters Now.

Buying a machine is like an investment, I know you are looking for the highest ROI. Our strength is to help you to achive your goal with the lowest budget. You will get more advantages in your market competence with our compelete cutting solutions


Seanior focus on everything about CNC cutting machines. Devoting to design and manufacture high qaulity cutting machine, Seanior helps our clients to reduce the budget, improve productivity and enhance their core competence in the market.