Custom Solutions

We do MORE than what you think of.              

You understand your products well and we understand how to realize your production well because we focus on customer driven innovation. You’ll get professional advice from our engineers on the selection of optimized cutting solution based on your application situation.  

You get below info and services before you placing order                                                
The initial contact: our sales team is reachable to answer your questions                                    
Visit: we offer onsite visit or virtual visit to your option for better understanding of our machine and your application situation. We offer tailored schedule for your onsite visit. You can save a lot on traveling with our service of virtual visit by remote meeting and real-time remote video of our factory.     


                       Contact us now to schedule your virtual visit       


                       Contact us now to schedule your onsite visit              


Custom quote: based on your request, we generate quote customized for you special application situation. Your sales specialist helps you in the entire ordering process.    

We know you care more after you place the order         

Sean starts to build your machine according to the contract. All involved departments engage in the relevant work of your project                                             
Manufacturing – welding and painting – assembling – testing – inspection – packing – shipping –training 

onsite or virtual visit

custom quote

procedure after your ordering

we take care the whole manufacturing process for your machine 

quote info

informations to confirm

◆ better understanding of your     application situation

◆ generate quote customized     for you special request

◆ start manufacturing                  according the contract

◆ Manufacturing –         
◆ welding and painting –  
◆ assembling –         
◆ testing –        
◆ inspection –        
◆ packing –

◆ machine model and

◆ description        
◆ price term        
◆ trade term        
◆ estimated on ship date        
◆ services inclue    

◆ customer cutting request
◆ installation prerequisite
◆ measurements