Installation & Training


      With our installation course or onsite services, you get your cutting machine to be installed properly, which guarantee stable operation and require less maintenance.                                            
       Before shipping you the machine, we prepare and send you video course. It’s easy to understand and it guarantees that your workers get the skills and confidence to operate the machine in a productive and safe manner.                                            
Content of installation video includes:                                            
             1)installation preparation checklists                                            
             "We list all the things, such as stuff request, place request, tools needed, material and etc. for you to check. Make sure you get all the necessary works done before the installation. 
We also prepared you tool kit upon your order to ship before or with the machine shipment. Click here to learn the tool kit.   

             2)Installation process: Follow our instruction, you get your machine properly installed which will guarantee you a stable operation, require less maintenance and decrease downtime in production.                                             
             3)We also teach you installation tips to help you save time and cost, including things to be double check before starting operation and possible troubleshooting skill.                                             
       Still don’t want to get into any trouble? Free from worry and leave all the works done by us for you. We will assign an installation team to your worksite upon your request. Leave the chores done by us and concentrate your energy to your more strategically important work. Just add this service to the contract and we’ll arrange for you.                                            
       Moreover, with your order of site installation service, you get our on-site operation training for free after installation.   

      Machine operation training is offered usually in the way of video course too. Since our machine is easy to use, combined with our operation training course in detail description of every operating step available in multiple language, your operators will get the point and learn the skills to operate the machine properly and productively.                                            
       Off course onsite training can be provided upon your service order request. We recommend that you order onsite installation service and get the training onsite for free.