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Oil & Gas

Natural gas transportation-pipe and tube cutting machine-TubeGiant


The only way to transport natural gas on land is by pipeline. Natural gas pipeline occupy half of the total length for the pipeline in the world.


Bamboo and wooden pipe was used before 18th century. In late 18th century, cast iron pipeline has been applied gradually. As the development of modern science and engineering technology, and the increasing demand for natural gas from all over the world, the pipeline diameter become wider, the pressure ability increased, compressor stations in large scale were established worldwide. In 1977, around 2700 compressor stations were put into operation.


The natural gas pipeline was made by X52, X80 or higher grade stainless steel. After deep processing, the pipeline became a continuous sealed transportation system. From transportation, storage to user house, the gas is under pressure. Once the pipeline burst, great and devastating energy can destroy in large scale. It’s vital to adopt secure processing technology. And precision cutting according to usage condition is an important factor to consider during pipe manufacturing.


In the intersection part of tubes, using Seanior TubeGiant - the CNC tube and pipe cutting machine can cut the intersection line hole between main tube and side tube precisely and guarantee a smooth and firm welding. The Seanior TubeGiant is CNC controlled, free from drawing by hand, decrease error rate and save time. The nesting software can create cutting code and realize bevel cutting easily.


Seanior TubeGiant applied widely in tube cutting, bridge steel structure, iron tower and other heavy industries.