Custom solutions


We do MORE than what you think of.                                                 
You understand your products well and we understand how to realize your production well because we focus on customer driven innovation. You’ll get professional advice from our engineers on the selection of optimized cutting solution based on your application situation.

Installation & Training 


With our installation course or onsite services, you get your cutting machine to be installed properly, which guarantee stable operation and require less maintenance.                                            
Before shipping you the machine, we prepare and send you video course. It’s easy to understand and it guarantees that your workers get the skills and confidence to operate the machine in a productive and safe manner.

Maintenance & Retrofit


We’ll never leave you alone. Our team of professionals will accompany you within all the machine life-span. With rich experiences in thermal cutting, you can get from us all the technical supports with just a call or an email.                                     We guarantee you all the convenient access to maintenance of your machine. Whenever you need query handling, repairs and spare parts, Seanior is right here for your backup.     

Software Support


We guarantee you a fast, consistent and high quality support for our software solutions.                        
Our software engineers are proficient in CAD, tekla/solidworks, FASTCAM, pipefree, MATLAB/simulink, and other softwares. With rich experiences and individual service for specific technical questions, you'll be ensured with concrete support from us constantly

Value-added service


We save for you. You get thorough services. Buy our Value-added service, you benefit bellow: