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Steel Service

In the upstream manufacturing industries, metals are cut to all kinds of shapes, ready for next processing step like bending, rolling or welding. You can trust Seanior as your partner to provide you top quality cutting machines.


Titanium alloy is an important structural metal developed in 1950s. It has high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance and little thermal conductivity. It is a new and important structural material used in aerospace industry.


The specific gravity and service temperature are between aluminum and steel, but the strength is higher than aluminum and steel, having excellent corrosion resistance ability and ultra low temperature performance. Titanium is Widely used in automobile industry, it is mainly used in engine structural parts system. Titanium alloy has low density and can reduce the inertia mass of moving parts. At the same time, the titanium valve spring can increase the free vibration, weaken the vibration of the car body, and increase the speed and output power of the engine.


The processing of titanium alloy can not be separated from welding, cutting and blanking. The melting point of titanium alloy is low. It is a good choice to choose Seanior CNC plasma cutting table- SuperFast  to get high cutting quality of titanium alloy with high precision and low cost.


SuperFast has good processing performance and stability. It is a high speed, precision, modular CNC cutting machine. Mainly cut metal plate within 10mm, SuperFast save working time and get the maximum utilization of raw material. Cutting costs can be saved as half as the flame cutting process. The plasma cutting table is also widely used in cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals.