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How to choose your cutting machine?

China Factory Supply Low Price Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

(CNC Gantry Cutting Machine          CutMaster4012)

It is a kind of CNC cutting equipment with high efficiency and high precision,and can reduce labor intensity. It is widely used in the process of cutting metal plate in machinery manufacturing industry, and can cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, coppper and many kinds of non-ferrous metal.

Main Features

1) Heavy-duty CNC gantry cutting machine with easy-to-use F2300B CNC control system.

2) High compliance digital drives provide a smooth cut edge with zero maintenance.

3) Large diameter drive wheels combined with high precision guiding systems offer you superior drive motion.

4) Rugged cross box beam with milled steel plate for high precision guiding system delivery lasting strength, durability and precision. 

5) Fast flame cutting torch with height sensing lifer and auto-ignition device let you spend more time cutting and less time in setup. 

6) Up to 800 amp plasma depending on your choice.

5) Apply to metal cutting in ship building, construction tower, mechanical engineering, steel service and other heavy industries.




Product Parameter



Effective cutting area (WxL)


Tailor-made dimension 

Accept tailor-made order

Flame piercing thickness

6mm -80mm

Edge cutting thickness

6mm -200mm for flame cutting

Plasma cutting thickness

1-45mm for plasma cutting 

Torch lifter vertical traveling distance


Cutting precision


Cutting speed



Number of lifter

Double (standard)

Cutting process

Plasma cutting and flame cutting

Torch lifting device

flame capacitance adjustment

plasma arc pressure adjustment

duty cycle


processing material

Mild steel , stainless steel and aluminum

Cutting Samples

Seanior CNC Systems

Seanior CNC Systems manufactures and sells cutting machines, provide services for the metal-working industry, offering complete solutions and focus on customer-driven innovation. 

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