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Main Feature

1.Super-fast and stable

equipped with high-power motor, cutmaster 4080 provide you the basic outstanding cutting capability with the lowest cost.

2.Light weight,big power

Compact and space-saving structure

Bilateral longitudinal drives

Fast, efficient and energy - saving

Easy to learn, easy to control

Effective plates width: 2 to 4m and accept tailor-made orders

Flexible, multiple choices

3.Practical and matched components

box beam

Made by integrated box beam

With cylinder linear rail

High strength,low inertia

Equipped with big torque, low backlash and maintenance-free plentary reducer

The servo equipment automatically clench the teeth of the transmission device

CutMaster 4080 reaches operating accuracy of 0.2mm and flame cutting speed up to 600mm/min.

longitudinal rail

Bilateral longitudinal drives with rack lubber-line

Made by T90 type rail

machine body

Equiped with 11 mechanical sensor


The lifter is electronic push rod

Standardly equiped with automatic ignition device, backfire-preventing device

Electric height-adjusting device, anti-dust cover

Adjustable maintenance-free pulley block

Maitain sturdy for long period of use, our machine is considerate to guantee you a reliable operation.


Recommend  stepper motor

Independent impulse, anti-interference

Guarantee long-term use with reliability

4.Economic, low cost, high throughput

Basic Parameter

technical itemtechnical parameters
effective cutting width2000mm - 5500mm
effective cutting length4000mm - 20000mm
flame pierceing thickness6mm - 80mm
edge cutting thickness6mm - 200mm
torch lifter vertial traveling distance≤150mm
cutting precision±0.5mm
cutting speed50 - 600mm/min
lengthwise linear accuracy±0.2 mm
linear repeating accuracy±0.2 mm
duty cycle24h
temperature of the working environment-20~45℃
material to cutmild steel, stainless steel,alloy, aluminum, copper,titanium and other non-ferrous metal

Machine Configuration

cutting methodFlame and Plasma cutting
cross movement rail trackcylinder linear rail
lengthwise movement rail trackT90B
movement motorhigh-precision stepping motor(full digital servo motor is optional)
deceleration systemcoaxial planetary reducer
control systemF2300
general jacking softwareStarcam
elevating bodyeletronic push rod
connecting power sourceAC 220V/50HZ
cutting gasoxygen + ethyne/propane
plasma cutteroptional
dust and fume extractoroptional
prerequisitegas source, power supply,rail track base, cutting table

Seanior CNC Systems

Established in 2014, Seanior has enjoyed an expanding growth successfully and become a dynamic company focusing on building CNC cutting machines applied in different industries.  

Seanior CNC Systems manufactures and sells cutting machines, provide services for the metal-working industry, offering complete solutions and focus on customer-driven innovation. 


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Best Price Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Thank you for your interest in our CNC cutting machine and made time for me to introduce to you our best CNC Gantry plasma/flame cutting machine.

Product Introduction

1.This type of cutting machine for gantry structure, lateral span has various specifications such as 3m,4m,5m,6m,8m and so on, adopt bilateral power full servo drive, stable running, high configuration, high efficiency, can be used for all kinds of carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials of large, medium and small steel plate.

2.All steel frame is 8 mm thickness. The front beam is 20mm, after one-time large gantry milling machine milling together. This prevents deformation structure, ensure the working stability and improve the cutting precision.

3. The machine with high accuracy, high speed, low noise characteristics, can be carried out on steel plate cutting into straight lines and contour plates. Several cutting torches can work at the same time so as to improve the work efficiency.