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CutMaster is built to fulfil heavy tasks in your shop with multiple choices. The dual, box beam is welded by 6mm thickness metal plate with inner supporting struction, CutMaster is a dependable heavy-duty CNC gantry cutting machine with superior performance and multipul processes from. 

Are you looking for a macine that can outperform in cutting capability and is low in budegt? Meet our robust CutMaster II and get excellent cut part quality from thin plate to thick steel.

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Heavy-duty gantry cutting machine, high definition, high precision and high reliability

Main Feature

Dual box beam

The CutMaster is a dual, heavy-duty box beam constructed gantry cutting machine.

Welded by 6mm thick metal plates with width up to 6 meters.

Decreased welding tension by vibrating aging test,Grinded by large milling machine,

Equiped with double-axis linear guide rail,

Ensure precise operation and maintain accuracy over long periods of use.

Equiped with big torque, low backlash and maintenance-free plentary reducer

The servo equipment automatically clench the teeth of the transmission device

CutMaster reaches operating accuracy of 0.2mm and flame cutting speed up to 700mm/min.

Gear and rack

Made by 40Cr steel

The surface is carburization quenched with hardness to 40~55HRC

The quenched and grinded parts are handled by chemical rust-proof oil

Longitudinal crane rail

Bilateral longitudinal drives with precision 

guiding system

Made by 24kgU71Mn steel , Self-equiped with rack calibration line and easy to install

Machine body 

Equiped with mechanical sensor

With mechanical & gas-electric double securities for key transmission parts


The lifter is ball screwStandardly equiped with automatic ignition device, backfire-preventing device.Electric height-adjusting device, anti-dust cover .

Adjustable maintenance-free pulley block

Maitain sturdy for long period of use, our machine is considerate to guantee you a reliable operation.


Our CNC gantry cutting machine is numerically controled

Equip with digital servo motor and drive

Moisture-proof, anti-dust with responding speed frequency of 2.0kHz

Self-made shock filter

Walking-feedback self-gaining closed-loop control

F2300 system

main controller MCU industrial leading ARM9 chip

control number of axles 3 axles simultaneous linkage

file storage electronic storage disk, 512M

user program sapce 256M

max. pluse frequency 250KHz

outer ports USB ports

keyboard PCB foil keyboard, PS/2 ports, Omron button


45 commonly used graphs in storage

adjustable graph scale with rotating and mirror graph functions

graph array: matrix, staggered, repeated

according to plate thickness, F2300 automatically limits speed to prevent overburning

metric or British unit

system and dada back-up, upgrade on line multipul languages with one button switch

power-off, breakpoints protecting memory function

dynamic/static graph display, graph zoom-in and zoom-out, follow cutting points on zoom-in condition

support TYPEIII, PM2000 and etc. special nesting software

excellent performance, economic, high precision

With this heavy-duty macine you can add up to eleven torch station, fulfill continuous work of straight or bevel cutting, tailor-made is accepted

apply to metal cutting in ship building, construction tower, mechanical engineering, steel service and other heavy industries.

Quality cutting of thick metal plates with flame cutting process

Standardly equiped with plasma cutting torch, it cut thin plates two times faster than flame process

By choosing fine plasma or laser plasma system, CutMaster II can be upgraded to superior-precise cutting machine with high rate of quality and cost.

The dual beam allows multi-processes to be placed on both beams, make sure high efficiency that is required in a small workshop area.

Programmable torch spacing and selection allows values to be input in the part program that will automatically space each torch station to a specific location along the cross box beam.

Excellent quality control & Excellent service guarantee

Seanior cutting systems provides worldwide technical support to help you get the most productivity from your machine. We maintain a thoroughly-trained service department that provides phone assistance, spare parts, machine repair, training and maintenance.

Heavy-duty. Mutiple processes, increased througthput,with CutMaster II, you'll extend a whole new range of parts to your shops profitability

Basic Parameter   

Technical item

Technical parameters

effective cutting width

2000mm - 5500mm

effective cutting length

4000mm - 20000mm

flame piercing thickness

6mm -80mm

edge cutting thickness

6mm -200mm

plasma piercing thickness


torch lifter vertial traveling 



cutting precision


flame cutting speed

100—700 mm/min

plasma cutting speed

500—3500 mm/min

lengthwise linear accuracy

±0.2 mm

linear repeating accuracy

±0.2 mm

duty cycle


temperature of the working 



material to cut

mild steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, 

titanium and other non-ferrous metal


The positioning accuracy and repeating accuracy of our CNC gantry cutting machine is higher than JB/T5102—1999 standard

Cutting dimensional accuracy and cutting edge quality is higher than JB/T10045.3—1999 standard

Machine Configuration

cutting method

oxyfuel cutting and plasma cutting

cross movement rail

double axle linear rail track

lengthwise movement rail track

24kgU71Mn heavy rail track

movement motor

full digital servo motor

deceleration system

coaxial planetary reducer

control system

industrial anti-dust numerical control

general nesting software


elevating body

ball screw

lifter station

one set flame kit+ one set plasma kit

plasma height adjustment

automatic arc pressure adjustment

connecting power source

machine boday power supply AC220V/50HZ

cutting gas

oxygen + ethyne/propane

plasma cutter

SPC series or optional

dust and fume extractor



gas source, power supply, rail track base,cutting table

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