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Technical Specification

power source

palasma cutter:



Effective cutting width


Effective cutting length


cutting process

plasma/ flame

material thickness

0.5-15mm with

 plasma process


1.0-30mm or more 

with flame process

Cutting speed

4000 mm/min

Cutting accuracy


torch lifting distance


duty cycly


Working temperature 


CAD drawing conversion

nesting cut code

Processing Materials 

Iron, steel aluminum sheets,

 galvanized sheets, 

Titanium plates

move guiding rail

linear guiding rail


full digital servo motor/ 

high-precision step motor

height-adjustment method


conrol system

industrial level anti-dust

 CNC control system

general nesting software

Pronest, Starcam

torch lifter

eletronic push rod

Main Feature

Longitudinal rail

Made by aluminium alloy rail and steel linear sliding rail

Wide rail distance 420mm

Control cabinet

Center postposition constructure

Full guarantee operation precision

Decrease centre-of-gravity shift

English operation interface

Slotting compensation

Auto-ignition, power fail reset, return automatically in case of arc interuption

Directy USB nesting import, intelligent parts graphs storage

Optional plasma cutter-Seanior SPC-100/200

Piercing capability 0.5mm-30mm, cutting capability 40mm

Air-cooling, water-cooling

Auto-adjustment of arc voltage

Anti-corrosion device

24H duty cycle

STARCAM auto-nesting software

AUTOCAD can be transferred to cutting code automatically by STARCAM

No need for manual streak

Make the best use of material


This Portable cnc plasma cutting machine can cut mild steel with flame cutting, and cut high carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal with Plasma cutting; can configurate as you required.,thus it is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.


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