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How to choose your cutting machine?

500USD Discount CNC Metal Plasma Table Cutting Machine

(CNC Plasma Cutting Machine            SuperFast)

An economical plasma cutting machine which gives full power in a small area. With the SuperFast you will get high precision cut quality at low price.

Thanks to the compact design, our plasma cutting table -SuperFast-can be installed into your workshop with limited space occupation, while realizing high quality cutting efficiently in long work hours.

Main Feature

High quality, low cost,confidently cut

Thanks to the space-saving construction, the plasma cutting table can be installed to your workshop conveniently and quickly. 

By choosing fine plasma or quasi laser plasma system, SuperFast can be upgraded to superior-precise cutting machine with high ratio of quality and cost.

Precision cut quality

High machine repeatbility: linear guidance ensures the parts cut in one area of the table for the exact same as parts cut anywhere else on the table

Fine bilateral guide rail and quenched gear-rack transmission body improve the operation accuracy and increase wear-resistant ability

Numerically control driver, closed-loop self-feedback walking control system, fast response, anti-interference, maintenance-free planetary gear reducer of large torque, low back lash--all the above guarantee fast cutting speed, high precision and long life usage.

Easy to use

Separated from machine body, the control cabinet can be remotely operated, independently, vibration-free and reliably.

Adopting industrial leading ARM processor and DSP motion control chip, F2300 numerical control system is simple to use. With menu or graph reminder and multiple languages interface, it applies widely and conveniently.


Multiple plasma and oxyfuel cutting options economically meeting your needs.

100% duty cycle increases your workshop productivity.

Effectively applied to cut mild steel, stainless steel and copper fast and accurately.

By choosing fine plasma or quasi laser plasma system, SuperFast can be upgraded to superior- precise cutting machine with high ratio of quanlity and cost. 




Effective cutting area 

1300x2500mm, 1500x3000/4000mm

Material capacity 

mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium


sheet metal (tube and pipe is optional)

Cutting process

plasma (flame cutting process is optional)

Material thickness

recommend thickness: ≤45mm, (depend on plasma cutter model)

Cutting speed


No-load traveling


Cutting accuracy


Torch lifting distance


Motion accuracy


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