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How to choose your cutting machine?

Best Service New Designed CNC Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine

(CNC Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine   TubeGiant)

Designed only for Heavy duty large diameter Pipe and tube Cutting

An automated solution for the various pipe related projects

Do you want to cut something great and improve your efficiency with CNC cutting machine?

Are you looking for the high quality plasma metal cutting machine to cut your sheet metal or pipe and tube at best price?
Are you finding German or American suppliers' offer SO HIGH?
How about a person helps you to solve all the problems and leave you to sit back and relax?

 Pipe CNC cutting machine for round pipe. It can cut and bevel carbon steel, stainless and other material are widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel structure, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.


---Perfect Balance Between Accuracy and Speed

3 or 4 jaws high-hardness chuck can clamp forwardly and backwardly,fastening manually or electrically with endless rotation and small inertia.

---Versatile with High Productivity

Multiple axes linkage guaranteed 

Realize various intersection line, intersection hole cutting

---Reliable CNC Control Systems with Superior Performance and Multiple Processes

CNC control for fixed angle bevel, fixed point bevel, rotating angle bevel cut of tube with diameter 50-1000 mm.

Product Parameter


TubeGiant 5.0

Chuck And Motor Style

750W Panasonic Servo Motor + Reduce Gear Box

Input Power

Single Phase AC 220V, Approximately 2000W

Pipe Length

Produce according to clients' demand

Size of Chuck 

φ250mm + Connected Jaw

Pipe Diameter

φ50~φ500 mm

Max. Weight of Pipe

≤1000 kg

Cutting Modes

Plasma Cutting (Working with plasma generator) and Flame Cutting 

Reduction Ratio

1:175 (might be changed)

Max Pipe Rotate Speed

0-15 rpm(can be adjusted as special demand)

Ovality Of Pipe


Numbers pf Pipe Supporter 

Supply according to real pipe situation

Auto Controlled Axis

Four-axis linkage

Torch Lifting Distance (Z)


Working Precision

± 0.2 mm / meter

Max. follow speed of pipe bevel


Bevel Accuracy


Max. Bevel Angle


Flame (Gas) Cutting Thickness

Piercing Capacity: 5 - 60 mm
Edge Start: 5 - 120mm

Plasma THC

Not Optional

Gas Pressure

Acetylene Gas or Propane Gas Max 0.1Mpa

Oxygen Pressure

Oxygen Gas Max 0.7Mpa

 Seanior CNC Systems

Seanior CNC Systems manufactures and sells cutting machines, provide services for the metal-working industry, offering complete solutions and focus on customer-driven innovation. 

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