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Vertical cutting of 50-500mm diameter tube, 3-axes simultaneous motion, drived by high precision servo and planetary reduction gear, self-equiped non-roundness compensation, our TubeGiant 3-axes master the art of pipe and tube cutting.

Cut Samples   


TubeGiant 3-axes can automatically calculate and execute cutting operation on intersecting line hole, terminal and elbow

Precise and reliable,our machine reaches operating accuracy of 0.3mm and  cutting speed up to 2000mm/min.

Main feature   

powerful and versatile cutting ability

TubeGiant 3-axes can automatically calculate and execute cutting operation on intersecting line hole, terminal and elbow

Numerically control system realize fixed angle, fixed piont and variable angle cuting of diameter 50-500mm tube and pipe, with non-roundness compensation function

With multiple axle linkage function, the cutting machine have cutting fuctions of various intersecting line and intersecting hole, such as intersection of pipes, intersection of pipe and plane (orthogonal crossing, oblique crossing, eccentric crossing), and intersection of multiple branch tube.

Control axle: C axle- chuck's 360° endless rotation; Y axle: torch posioning along the length of tube and pipe up to 6000mm; Z axle: torch elevating movement up to 350mm.

easy to use, maintain accuracy over long period of use

No need to calculate and program, by inputing the tube diameter and intersection angle only, our pipe and tube cutting machine can automatically fulfil multiple axle simultaneous motion and realise the intersection cutting of main tube and branch tube.

Optional equiped with panasonnic servo motor and driver, the machine is automatically controled with walking self-feedback device, having strong anti-interference ability, fast responding speed, high-precision operation, closed-loop control, non-losing step, and maintaining accuracy over long time of use

Optional equiped with dust and fume extractor, effectively decrease pollutant particle, offer you a relative fresh air on your working site.

precise and reliable

Advanced configuration, TubeGiant 3-axes is applied to continous operation stably and reliably.

With sensibly designed cutting lead-in and lead-out wire, you get guaranteed cutting quality and process file automaticaly stored after every cutting operation.

3 jaws high hardness chuck can clamp forwardly and backwardly,fastening manually or electrically with endless rotation and light inertia

Made by high strength stainless steel bar and linear hydraulic supporting prop, the tube and pipe bracket supporting roller can bear 400KG singly, quantity up to your choice according to your tube and pipe weight and length. For heavy tube and pipe larger than 1000mm diameter, we recommend to use reciprocating console mode roller

The linear rail track, ball screw and the wheel gear and rack are quenched and handled by chemical rust-proof oil, highly improve the hardness and ductibility. automatically clench the teeth of the transmission device, our machine reaches operating accuracy of 0.3mm and  cutting speed up to 2000mm/min.

 Basic parameter   

Technical item

Technical parameters

cutting diameter


cutting length

6000mm and more

cutable pipe ovality


cutting speed


material thickness


posioning speed


torch perpendicularity

90°, adjustable manually

bevel degree

non cutable

machining accuracy


control axle

3 axle

chuck device

3 jaws mechanical chuck, 

forwardly clamping 50-500mm 

diameter tube and pipe

tube passable main 

axle hole diameter


movable supporting 


load-bearing contact roller, 

1 ton/one x 3

CNC numerical system

industrial level 

CNC control system

control cabinet

independently developed


independently developed

power supply voltage

AC 220V

rotation driver

panasonnic servo driver 

or equivalent Chainse brands

speed reducer

Taiwan brands

mechanical arms

independently developed

rail track

independently developed

elevating body

electric pushing rod

wear-resistant drag chain

standard equiped

assembly kit

standard equiped

plasma cutter

Seanior SPC-100

plasma cutter power 

supply voltage

AC 380V

Software INFO

Single or batch import TEKLA model tube part data info, automatically filter non relative part choosing by mistake Add AUTOCAD three-dimensional model tube part freely, read and produce intersection line graphs and codes During importing, the info about hope, cut-off and grooving will be imported automatically During importing, the software automatically adopts spline algorithem encryption cutting line info, making the cutting edge smooth, and small seam of intersection

One time modeling, user can get altimate processing code, no need for repeat modelingSupport setting different bevel type for each cut-off or open-hole, also can support setting based on tube wall thickness  Producing cutting code based on area, installation, tube diameter, wall thickness and etc automatically for quick searching

Convenient automatic jacking function can arrange same diameter, thickness and material tube part onto tube raw material, improving material usage rate

Extend processing info from TEKLA of metal sheet, different profiles, produce cutting trail code automatically for special machine and cutting robot


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