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Vertical cutting of 50-500mm diameter tube, 3-axes simultaneous motion, drived by high precision servo and planetary reduction gear, self-equiped non-roundness compensation, our TubeGiant 3-axes master the art of pipe and tube cutting.


Seanior Cutting Systems

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Seanior has over one 10 years of experience in the thermal-cutting machine industry

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Main feature

versatile with high productivity    

Multiple axes linkage guaranteed

Realize various intersection line, intersection hole cutting

Such as: intersection of tube with tube, tube with plane ( orthogonal, oblique, eccentric) and  multi-intersection tubes

C axis: parts rotating drive

A axis: torch swing around tube

B axis:torch swing along the tube

Y axis: torch elevating drive

Z axis: parts longitudinal drive

eliable CNC control systems with superior performance and multiple processes  

CNC control for fixed angle bevel, fixed point bevel, rotating angle bevel cut of tube with diameter 50-1000mm

With function of out-of-roundness and eccentric compensation

The pipe and tube cutting CNC control system is upgraded based on Shanghai Fangling software

With indenpendently developed Free PIPE nesting software

With the simplest data input, it create cutting program automatically

Out-of-roundness and eccentric compensation function

Bevel slotting compensation

Intelligent parts graphs storage

Auto-ignition, easy-to-learn

perfect balance between accuracy and speed

Sophisticated transmission and guiding system,excellent dynamic performance     

3 or 4 jaws high-hardness chuck can clamp forwardly and backwardly,fastening manually or electrically with endless rotation and small inertia

Tube diamter Ф50~Ф1000mm

Chuck clamping ability,≤5T,or customized

Big torque servo drive with walking self-feedback system

Closed-loop control avoid missing steps

Fast responding, high operation accuracy

Equiped with planetary gearboxes

Big torque, low backlash, maintenance-free

Rotationg speed 7m/min

Equiped with  floating clamping system

Effectively compensate parts central axis

Avoid mechanical stress to chuck cuased by pipe camber

Improve cutting accuracy

heavy duty,reliable and precise in long period of use 

The bevel control parallel rod can realize 110°swing

Built with high strength, light weigth alloy

Processed by heavy milling machine

Improve operation accuracy and durability

Transmission structure with linear guiding rail, ball screw and gear and racks

Quenched gear and racks and other milled parts are coated with anti-rust oil, improving hardness and ductility

High definition tools automatically gear into each other perfectly

Made by high strength stainless steel and linear hydraulic supporting prop

The tube support carts can bear 400KG singly

For heavy tube and pipe larger than 1000mm diameter, we recommend to use reciprocating console mode carriage

Optional dust and fume extractor

Give you fresh air and comfortable environment

Basic parameter   

technical item

technical parameters

cutting process

flame & plasma

parts shap

round, square, rectangle

parts diameter




cutting length

4-12M, or customized

bevel cutting degree

one way,≤55°

cutting speed


chuck clamping ability

≤5T,or customized

cut repeatability


control axis quantity

4-5-6-8 axes

rail installation precision

lateral straightness:


depth of parallelism 


Machine configuration

CNC system

F2600 upgarded version

 with free PIPE 

nesting software

common software


control cabinet

independently developed

chuck device

3 jaws or 4 jaws

bevel link rod

independently developed

movable supporting 


load-bearing contact roller,

 1 ton/one x 3

longitudinal rail

T90 Mn 

power supply voltage

AC 220V

wear-resistant drag chain

standard equiped

assembly kit

standard equiped

plasma cutter

Seanior SPC-100/200

smoke extractor


FreePipe Software

Graphic import

compatible and read 3-dimension

 tube parts data from TEKLA and 

Solidworks directly

extract graphic data and 

installation data for editing and 

program cutting

read AUTOCAD 3-dimension parts 

data and create intersection 

grahps and codes

Bevel data

user can input bevel

 data and set bevel angle 

degree according to wall thickness

3-Dimension cutting simulation

display parts, cutting head

 and torch in cutting process

Auto editing

auto grouping, editing

according to tube data 

such as material, tube diameter, 

wall thickness, providing statistic result

Auto programing

create G codes for all imported tube

 data, with one time modeling, 

user can get all the ultimate 

processing codes, no need of 

repeated modeling

Auto nesting

can realize auto nesting of

 tubes with same diameter, 

wall thickness and material, 

improve material utilization

Data tracing

tracing for parts installation

and position data can be a 

convenient function for user 

to find info in storage quickly

Spline algorithm

adopt Spline algorithm

 automatically to encrypt 

cutting data during software 

importingget smoother cutting 

line and intersection gap

"improve processing precision 

with unique  algorithm "

eliminate  bumps and 

fake cut probme

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TubeGiant 5-axes - Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine