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Compact construction, SuperFast is your best choice to cut sheet metal at low cost while achiving accurate    cutting quality at  the same time. 

Integrated machine body, sophisticated moving parts and intelligent torch lifter device minimizing non-  productive time and guarantee you long period use. 

Fast, Accurate, Superior edge quality, SuperFast cutting table provides superior performance and entry-level price. 

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Come with everything you need to start your metal cutting

Low cost, effetive, reliable, our machine is built to your demand

Main Features

High quality, low cost,confidently cut

Equiped with self-designed and manufactured Seanior industry leading plasma cutter, we manage to lower your budget in every aspec

Thanks to the space-saving construction, the plasma cutting table can be installed to your whorkshop conveniently and quickl

By choosing fine plasma or quasi laser plasma system, SuperFast can be upgraded to superior-precise cutting machine with high ratio of quality and cost.

Precision cut quality

High machine repeatbility:linear guidance ensures the parts cut in one area of the table for the exact same as parts cut anywhere else on the table

SuperFast plasma cutting machine is given precise transmission gear, providing fast start-up speed and stable dynamic performance.

Fine double axle linear rail and quenched gear-rack transmission body improve the operation accuracy and increase wear-resistant ability

Effectively applied to cutting mild steel, stainless steel and non-ferreous alloy metal fast and accurate

Numerically controled driver, closed-loop self-feedback walking control system, fast response, anti-interference, maintenance-free planetary gear reducer of large torque, low back lash--all the aboves guarantee fast cutting speed, high precision and long life usage.

Adopting TF-QD series as the the pneumatic height sensing device, the torch lifter adjust height automatically according to the thickness of the plate, which ensures the distance uniformity between torch and metal plate and guarantees the high cutting quality.


Easy to use

Seperated from machine body, the control cabinet can be remotely operated, independently, vibration-free and reliably

Adopting industrial leading ARM processor and DSP motion control chip, F2300 numerical control system is simple to use. With menu or graph reminder and multiple languages interface, it applies widely and conveniently.

In case of arc break and accidentally power off, our breakpoints & power supply interruption management fuction ensures the torches backtrack along the cutting trail, improving the usage of the whole sheet metal.

The control cabinet applies anti-dust numerical system, used with optical coupling numerical control plasma cutting,offering effective prevention of plasma interference. The console interface is user friendly and the operation is easy to learn

Basic parameter  

Technical item

Technical parameters

effective cutting width


effective cutting length


material thickness

"0.5-15mm 1.0-20mm and more"

torch lifter vertial 

traveling distance


cutting precision


cutting speed

100—12000 mm/min

lengthwise linear accuracy

±0.2 mm

linear repeating accuracy

±0.2 mm

lineation accuracy

±0.2 mm  

rail track installation 

accuracyside linear 

straigthness: ±0.1mm

parallelism of the lengthwise surface and 

the horizontal surface: ±0.1mm 

duty cycle


temperature of the 

working environment


material to cut

mild steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, 

titanium and other non-ferrous metal

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SuperFast 1540- CNC plasma cutting table