Software Support

       We guarantee you a fast, consistent and high quality support for our software solutions.                                            
Our software engineers are proficient in CAD, tekla/solidworks, FASTCAM, pipefree, MATLAB/simulink, and other softwares. With rich experiences and individual service for specific technical questions, you'll be ensured with concrete support from us constantly                                            


       PRONEST Software is a registered trademark of MTC Software in the United States or other countries. It is plate nesting software lauched for flame cutting, plasma cutting system. At present, PRONEST has been translated into more than 10 languages and widely used in the world in different version, such as The ProNest, ProNest LT, ProNest LTS, ProNest8 and other variety of models.                                             
       The main function of this software is the automatic nesting, cost calculation, parts design, CAD import, production efficiency improvement module. The software engineers keep modifying and upgrading the software and have made great progress in the automatic public edge technology, automatic layout strategy, oddment material cutting and anti-collision protection.                                             
       Parameter analysis: import parts: in recognition of CAD layer, CAD parts, ProNest will automatically identify and display the layer for quickly browse of the public edge. Cut of common edge: in addition to the ordinary collision layout, it has the zero distance collision layout function. In the production of CLC components, or when placing parts which use the edge of the plates as common edge, this function is very useful. Through the use of interactive CLC array, you can specify and create the number of columns and rows                                            


       StarCAM is a tablet drawing software independently developed in China. Stable performance, precise material nesting, StarCAM consits of StarCAD, StarCUT and StarTEST. Each module can run independently, or runing together. StarCAM supports a variety of CNC control cutting systems grogramming; completes graphics rendering, edit, copy, array, rotation operation; support CAD graphics file import and processing optimization of graphics.                                            
StarCAM can create the cutting path demo and process G code of parts; Support manual nesting, automatic nesting, nesting oddments material; optimize mobile in-leads and out-leads position, reduce the idle and perforation number. It can make NC graphic simulation, automatic tracking, estimate prossing cost, reduce material waste and improve production efficiency.               The technical parameters characteristics analysis: automatic position capture function: in line with the drawing software, adding control points capture (endpoint, intersection, quadrant ), improve the  operability of the software and improve the speed of drawing and interactive.                                             
       "The automatic path setting function: the function can quickly generate parts processing path and the in-lead and out-lead, and can dynamically modify the lead wire, raising the utilizing rate of the board.                                            
       CAD clean modify compression function: used to clean the excess points, line segments and duplicate entities in the optimized CAD graph. The overlapping segments in the graphics file can be changed into a single walking path, avoiding repeated cutting and improving work efficiency                                            


       "FreePIPE is 3D drawing nesting software independently researched and developed in China for pipe and tube cutting machine. Cutting round tube, square tube, straight tube, this software is powerful, the operation is relatively economical and practical compared with Tekla software. It has the function of: 2D / 3D drawing, automatic nesting, bevel cutting, three-dimensional dynamic demo cutting and other functions.                                             
       With the powerful CAD drawing function, you can complete most of the drawing work, and realize 8 point dynamic bevel cutting, complete complicated cutting pattern, such as the intersecting line of three tube and intersecting line and hole of main and branch pipe. You can import or by drawing on the software, enter the bevel angle, diameter, wall thickness, cutting angle and other parameters of G code generation, G code output type can be customized. Through the "View 3D" menu, you can select a different perspective for real-time dynamic observation and demonstration according to the custom development needs.                                            
       Some function analysis: full three-dimensional dynamic simulation cutting: a real time demo of motion and cutting angle of torch and tube, the interface is very intuitive to predict possible problems in advance. StarCAM can customize cutting pipe wall thickness and external diameter.With ASTM standard diameter and wall thickness of Macro list, according to the diameter and wall thickness of itself, It can guide user to fulfil the input.                                            
       In addition to the above common drawing softwares, Seanior CNC Systems can provide the international general software: FastCAM software, Tekla version of drawing software. With free tutorial teaching, Seanior assists our customers realizing the CNC cutting in any country.